The Pain Economy



Pain Economy

We no longer make products/things at work; we make pain. (Maybe we have always made nothing but pain. For ourselves and others. In hours of sitting or standing in crippling positions, in mind-numbing (literally) boredom, and forced cheer.) We produce pain and they, the pain capitalists, profit from painkillers we produce and consume by limiting access to them/creating scarcity. They limit our access to pain free space and pleasure events while forcing us to reproduce pain. Narcotics, alcohol, prescription opiates, religion, heroin are some of the only paths out of pain space and into some place like pleasure. We live in a pain economy where we make pain all day long then pay to have it, if not removed, (never actually killed) then distanced, delayed. Pain is demonized, minimized, then normalized. Medicalized so that we can be told we are drug-seeking when we seek the condoned, licensed, capitalist-approved paths to pain-free space. But we need to be diagnosed so we hope to make our pain visible, to make our pain (the pain that now exceeds what capitalists can extract via work) worth something so that we can pay to enter the mythical pain-free space via painkillers/money. We exchange our lives and hours for pain hoping to redeem it for painlessness or maybe just pleasure which is never the opposite of pain.


It is the constant because we work at it day and night. It is only when we exceed our painspace, when we can no longer work to reproduce the pain of others (by serving and making them pain food (food that will create and numb pain simultaneously) by creating pain-saturated objects that are consumed by workers who must work (at pain work in pain spaces) more to buy them) that we are worthless to the pain economy.


We invade and colonize other countries, force them to adhere to our painkiller restrictions (‘drug laws’), force them to make pain in greater amounts, store it in banks, while shrinking the space that is painless, moving it farther and farther away. It only exists in the virtual, in media, the unreachable. A global Empire of Pain.